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2011 September 1

From Websites to Business Promotional Items: Ways to market your company now!

You have started your own business or you have taken over someone else’s business. Congratulations. Now what? Are you getting customers? Does anyone even know that your business exists? If it is a new business you have to really get the word out. If the business was preexisting you have to inform customers of any changes that you may be making that could affect them and you still want to bring in new customers. You know that you need to let everyone know who you are and what you are about but you are not sure where to start. Here is a look at the pros and cons of the different types of business promotional outlets available.

Print Marketing

Print marketing has been a business promotional staple for many years. The advantages of print for business promotional purposes are that someone can see your ad and look at it for as long as they want to. They can even look at it again. They physically own that advertisement. They can also share it with their friends by passing along a newspaper or a magazine. The problem with print is that newspapers and magazines are losing in competition to their digital versions.  A print ad is cheaper than a television ad which makes it a great option for new or smaller businesses lacking a large budget. Just beware of young target audiences who read most of their information online or on a smart phone or other electronic device.

Broadcast Marketing

Television and radio ads are a great business promotional strategy for getting your message out to a large audience. Radio ads are cheaper than television ads but television ads are more likely to be viewed. The repetition of the broadcast ads really helps for your brand to stick in a consumer’s head. Broadcast’s enemies are TiVo, satellite radio, Hulu, Netflix, DVR, and Ipods. With all of these services and products becoming increasingly popular, traditional broadcast commercials may have less reach than you may wish.


Having a website for your business is mandatory these days. People want information instantly. They are not going to stalk the television, waiting for your commercial to display your address or phone number. They are going to get onto their computer and they are going to click on the contact tab on a website in order to find out where you are and how to get a hold of you. They are also going to check a website to see what exactly your company offers and if it will be available if and when they decide to want it. Not having a website can cause potential consumers to choose one of your competitors just because their information is easily accessible.

Social Media

So you have a website but how do you get anyone to know it is there? You can put the web address into your other ads but you can also make online friends that you can lead right to your site. Social media is a hot business promotional area right now. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are not only where everyone is going online but those sites are also where a lot of people are getting the majority of their information. Besides, peer pressure can be powerful. Get enough people to “like” or “follow” you and that could influence several of their friends to check you out as well.

Trade Shows

The best part about trade shows is that everyone who comes to them is looking for something related to your business. You already have your target audience right there and paying attention. What can be better than that? The bad part is that you may have your biggest competitors right there with you. Try giving out business promotional products so that your potential consumers will be able to remember you after they leave. They will see a lot of brands that day and you need some way to make a lasting impression on them.

Guerilla Marketing

Various business promotional strategies can be implemented through an in your face guerilla marketing campaign. Companies have painted the side of a mountain, put a couch on a sidewalk, and left footprints to be your guide. There is no idea too outrageous for a guerilla approach to business promotional marketing. Guerilla marketing can be wildly expensive or pleasingly cheap. It is all up to you, your ideas, and the resources that you have at hand.


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