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Promotional Items

2011 August 23

When doing business in the corporate world, it’s all about the promotional items.  We all love receiving free presents, and promo products are no exception.  However, there comes a time when our desk can only be cluttered with so much paraphernalia.  If you really want to step outside of the box and grab the attention of your business partners, try giving them gifts that could actually come in handy or better yet, presents that are perfect for each different season!

First let’s get the dreariest of the seasons out of the way, yes, I am talking about winter.  We might still get that giddy feeling with the arrival of the first snowfall of the year, but that excitement melts away as fast as the snow.  Pretty soon, we find ourselves in that depressive state thanks to the frigid temperatures and deathly driving conditions, and come Ground Hog’s Day, we are crossing our fingers that the winter weather is soon behind us.

Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean the gift-giving ends there.  If you really want to perk up your client’s winter woes, send them promotional items that will lift their spirits, but most importantly, ones that they can use!  For instance, winter time is also dubbed the flu season, and nothing is worse than undergoing that nasty bug.  To keep your business partners happy and healthy, send them a personalized hand sanitizer with your company logo.  That way when they make it through the winter without a sniffle in sight, they can thank you.  Another idea that is more practical is a promotional windshield scrapper that we all can use when up against our biggest traveling enemy…frost.  And to round out the season of promotional giving, a nice pair of gloves is the perfect winter accessory.

With the long awaited spring season in our midst, it’s time to get back outdoors.  Remind your clients that the warm weather is finally here by giving them a personalized cooler that is perfect to take along for those sunny day picnics with the family.  Spring wouldn’t be spring without those famous April showers, but have no fear, you can be assured to stay dry that month with a company umbrella.  Lastly, once the rain clouds move out, make way for the sunshine and most importantly, baseball season with a promotional cap and ball so you can have your own major league game without even making it to the ballpark.

With school out of session, it’s time to hit the beach for summer R&R and nothing says it’s time to relax like the perfect beach goody basket filled with the best promotional items to enjoy the sand and surf.  Start off by giving your business partners a company towel so that even when they are on vacation from the office, they can still be reminded of your business.  Any beach day would not be complete without games.  Give your clients something that the whole family can enjoy.  For instance, you can send them a promotional beach ball, sand bucket and shovel, Frisbee or football.

After three months of summer fun, it’s time to hit the books once again as fall rolls around the corner.  Back to school shopping can be an expensive and daunting task, so here is the time when those bland promo pens and folders that we try to avoid shelling out come in handy.  Send a school package stuffed with the perfect school essentials: pens, notebooks, binders, folders, etc.  Another sign of fall is the holiday that all kids look forward to…Halloween!  Now you can be a part of every child’s trick or treating experience by sending a personalized canvas tote bag that is perfect to carry as you traipse around the neighborhood for those sweet treats.  You can even add to the loot by making your own personalized candy box!

Every company sends promotional items, but the trick is to think out of the box so that it’s your company that stands apart from the crowd.  People get bombarded with items that end up sitting in the back of our drawers that always get tossed in the trash come spring cleaning.  By thinking along the lines of practicality with a creative seasonal twist, you are sure to blow your clients away and make them really appreciate their business with you.  With the changing seasons, switch up your gift giving ideas so that your partners can be reminded of your appreciation throughout the entire year.

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